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​ Our craftsman belong to the historical society Les Compagnons du Devoir (The Companions of Duty)


Every Racing & Emotion item is not only the result of our lifelong passion for motorsports, but also of the lifelong pursuit of perfection that each and every member of our production team has in common.  In this age of mass production and e-commerce, it is sometimes puzzling to those who come across our brand.  People wonder why our chairs cost what they do.  Simply put, they are not chairs to us – they are art. And each piece bears our heart and love for racing.


We choose to use the highest quality chairs to serve as the canvas for our art, eschewing the plentitude of chairs that look the same but are in reality inferior.  Using a better quality chair ensures a more uniform shape and a thicker layer of fiberglass to work with, which ultimately contributes to the quality of the finished product.  Our painters in Le Mans draw upon their vast experience to prepare each piece by hand.  In keeping with the finest motoring traditions, liveries are hand-painted.  If leather has been selected, our master leather craftsman upholsters each chair section by section and performs the stitching himself. 

Our craftsman belong to the historical society Les Compagnons du Devoir (The Companions of Duty). 

They must complete rigorous apprenticeships steeped in age-old tradition, and believe that work is not an end to itself but a form of personal expression.

From world-class design to old-World craftsmanship skills handed down from father to son, the Racing & Emotion collections stand out amongst the world’s most refined and unique tributes to motorsports.

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